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Spirit Force Arena

Compete to win in the ultimate Aavegotchi Battle Royale! Survive and defeat your opponents while avoiding the deadly Lickquidators.


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Battle Royale

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Version: v0.9.1

Last updated: 11-04-2024

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SPIRIT FORCE ARENA features unique vertical and asymmetrical combat where all players are free to fly whilst avoiding a floating force of enemies roaming the map. As matches progress so too do the rising FOMO levels ultimately pushing all players upwards into a showdown on the roof.


SPIRIT FORCE ARENA features a unique combat toggle allowing fans of both long-range gunplay and close-quarters melee to feel at home. Switch between each easily mid-match to deal devastating combos or stick to one style and dominate.


With a single login across all of our Aavegotchi experiences, players are free to progress their Profile with the speed and style they wish. Earn Badges from any of the supported titles to level up your Profile, and unlock rewards such as Tokens, Profile Customization, Combat Consumables, and Emotes.


Land owners within the Gotchiverse can farm Alchemica tokens such as Alpha, Fud, Fomo, and Kek. These can then be spent alongside crafting materials collected from matches to buy Potions and Protolicks that then give a brief advantage during matches. Gear up therefore and join $GHST matches to have a better chance of earning the prize pot from all players!


Purchase a Gotchi to create your own playable character that can be used in any of our supported titles! Kit them out with apparel, combat items, and pets to make them feel strong and look cool. Then hangout with frens or head into battle and make a name for yourself within the Aavegotchi community!


Play SPIRIT FORCE ARENA on Windows, MacOS, or Linux! Play a game on PC, earn rewards, then go use or view them on another device or platform.


how to play
  • W/A/S/D - Movement

  • Space - Jump then Hold Space mid-air to Float, release to drop

  • Shift - Sprint

  • Left Mouse Button - Fire (Ranged Stance), Attack (Melee Stance)

  • Right Mouse Button - Aim Down Sights (Ranged Stance), Raise Shield (Melee Stance)

  • X - Switch Stance

  • E - Throw Grenade

  • F - Interact

  • TAB - Scoreboard

  • 1 - Use HP Potion

  • 2 - Use AP Potion

  • 3 - Deploy Protolick Sentry

  • 4 - Deploy Protolick Drone

Release Notes

APRIL 11TH 2024

Please find below updates to the April Release that contain vital fixes and improvements to the game…


In the April release it was noted that the Desert Hippy and Monk Archer were exhibiting control issues. Having investigated this, the root cause was due to an error in the Recoil system specifically for weapons in the ‘long range’ category. Since the LongBow and Staff Of Creation are assigned there this was the common issue. That has now been fixed, and along the way we improved how the Recoil system works so that you can be more accurate with these ‘sniper’ based weapons


From player feedback we found a maths error in the calculation of Traits. Whoops, our bad! Apologies for this, small errors like this shouldn’t have gotten through our testing and will endeavor to improve here!


So whilst there is an element of some SFA-specific reasoning here (‘attack’ weapons will always be in your right hand in-game and ‘defensive’ items will always be in your left off-hand), we also found an error in the integers assigned to each slot on a Gotchi. These are now fixed and you should expect to see the correct items in each hand when browsing your Gotchis (although, as mentioned, they will swap within matches to abide by the combat/animation system).


A couple of Gotchi bots have been renamed, and a few new ones added to give more variety.


We’ve added the same Signing as was on the 2D Gotchiverse now to avoid situations where players can mimic others.

APRIL 4TH 2024

SPIRIT FORCE ARENA is now officially in Beta! This means that pretty much all the features we want in the game are present - with just a couple missing or some currently exhibiting bugs or unbalance still. A list of those remaining items can be found in the “Coming Soon” section below.

For now though, please enjoy this latest build which contains big updates ranging from gameplay to economy to profile to visuals and interface…


• CERTIFIED! Both Mac and PC builds are now digitally signed meaning both will run immediately upon download with trust from your particular platform. This means you’ll need to delete and re-download the Launcher for your appropriate platform. See “KNOWN ISSUES” below if you encounter issues

• PROTOLICKS! You can now purchase Protolicks from the dedicated shop in exchange for Alchemica. Both are then deployable mid-match with Drones auto-blocking incoming attacks and Sentries attacking opponents within its radius. Both can be deployed simultaneously and both get destroyed when you get rekt yourself

• WEARABLES! All handheld Wearables now have their correct intended stats including Melee DPS and Pierce Amount, Ranged DPS and Fall-off, Armor and Blocking Strength, plus Grenade Damage and Type. We have written a separate document called the “User Manual” to explain what these are and how they are calculated.

• PROFILE! Your Profile now tracks your most recent Badges earned, and your previous game stats. Plus all Aavegotchi tokens held in your Player Wallet, Crafting materials and Special items. Plus you can now customize your profile with any Banners, Titles, and Avatars

• LEVEL UP! Players will now earn Points from Badges. These Points allow you to raise your Profile Level. Reach certain thresholds of these to unlock Banners, Avatars, Frames, and Titles, plus Mystery Items (more on those at a later date!), and ultimately Tokens!

• RAISING THE ROOF! A forcefield now encloses all players initially and deactivates when the Fomo levels rise beyond a certain level. This is to encourage players to fight and collect AP Charges and Airdrops before heading to the roof for the showdown

• A LICK OF PAINT! The Arena has continued to be refined and improved with a number of geometric and texture bugs being fixed, improved fog, all-new wall posters, and the return of some sniper nests (based on gameplay testing and the new Protolick gameplay)

• UI! The interface has continued to be updated with visual and functional upgrades for the Main Menu, Gotchi Selection carousel, Leaderboard, HUD, Post-Match, and Game Over screens. Additionally, new bold HUD messages appear when key moments happen mid-match (rising Fomo levels, rekking opponents, incoming airdrops etc..)


• The Airdrop Sword is now an insta-kill weapon. This weapon was originally envisaged to allow you to become a ninja. Now that Gotchi health, damage, and other combat stats have been balanced, we’ve now returned this to its desired damage number which allows you to slice Gotchis with a single slash

• Similarly the Airdrop Machinegun has been tweaked also to be the automatic weapon it was envisaged to be. Players can now hold the Attack button down and let rip with this powerful damage-dealing gun

• As per the Wearable update above, you will only now be able to throw Grenades if your Gotchi had one equipped. All Gotchis can slap, shoot, or block though regardless of if they hold an item in their hand or not though


The following items are all known and are on track for the next build on May 2nd…

• Moving all Alchemica from Mumbai to real!

• Updating Shop recipes to include Scrap and Spirit

• Adding a countdown at the beginning of each match to ensure all players are synchronized

• Final pieces of VFX relating to Lickquidator attacks

• Player Leaderboards for those with the most Badges and highest Profile Points

• Enabling games where you can win GHST!

• Adding the collateral glow for all Gotchis

• The Final Four! The remaining champions of Sergey, Stani, Portal Mage, and Alien Hunter

• Victory celebration camera for the Last Gotchi Standing

• Updating the Main Menu news section to cycle between the latest stories

• Fixing an issue when application tabbing on Mac

• Enabling Loyalty Badges

• Turning on player progression through Divisions

• Allowing players to Quick Play (ie.. press a single button to jump into the busiest lobby regardless of Division)

• Improved Lickquidator pathfinding and reduction in physical size

• Returning players to the Available Games screen instead of the Press Start screen after matches

• Showing a % bar for all Badges that are in-progress

• Final Sound Effects

• A fix for those playing with HDR monitors that may be experiencing some overt brightness


SPIRIT FORCE ARENA is an Early Access title currently in Beta form and therefore may contain bugs, crashes, or other items not indicative of final quality. Some known issues you may encounter…

• Some final Sound FX are missing

• Some VFX, such as when Lickquidators fire missiles or lasers, are missing

• Artwork in the Arena is not finalized

• Some wearable stats are not final

• Badges earned are currently on Mumbai testnet

• $GHST games are disabled currently

• All Alchemica is free

• Progression (badges, leveling, leaderboards) may be wiped at any point

• Some UI screens are in flux and may differ in aesthetics

• MacOS users: The game can currently freeze when Alt-Tabbing between applications

• MacOS users: If the game immediately crashes upon clicking “Play” from the launcher it can be fixed by:

1) Deleting your existing launcher
2) Re-download the new, signed launcher from our web site. 
3) Delete the files Spirit Force Arena.app and app_data.json from your /Users/(your username)/Library/Application folder. 
4) Unzip if necessary, and run the new launcher.