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Spirit Force Arena

Compete to win in the ultimate Aavegotchi Battle Royale! Survive and defeat your opponents while avoiding the deadly Lickquidators.


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Battle Royale

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Version: 0.4.90

Last updated: 2-23-2024

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How to Play

how to play
  • Simply tap on an existing one from the Available Games screen whereby you’ll join others with a 30 sec countdown timer. Once it reaches 0 you'll join!

  • If there are no games shown you'll see how many are currently in progress at the bottom of the screen so either hang out for a minute or…

  • Create Your Own and wait for others to join! As long as there's one other person in the game with you, you’ll start. If no-one joins they you'll return to the Available Games screen after a timeout


how to play
  • W/A/S/D - Movement

  • Space - Jump then Hold Space mid-air to Float, release to drop

  • Shift - Sprint

  • Middle Mouse Button or X - Switch Stance

  • Left Mouse Button - Fire (Ranged Stance), Attack (Melee Stance)

  • Right Mouse Button - Aim Down Sights (Ranged Stance), Raise Shield (Melee Stance)

  • Hold Q then release - Charged Attack (Snipe in Ranged Stance, Rush in Melee Stance)

  • E - Throw Grenade

  • F - Interact

  • 1 - Use HP Potion

  • 2 - Use AP Potion

  • TAB - Scoreboard]

Release Notes

release notes