Aavegotchi FAQ

  • What exactly is an Aavegotchi?

    Aavegotchis are adorable digital ghosts, the spirits of liquidated yield farmers, brought to life in a gaming world. Trapped on the blockchain for eternity, they find solace from their existential dread by engaging in a multitude of enjoyable games. In more technical terms, Aavegotchis are digital collectibles (NFTs) that exist on the Polygon blockchain. Each Aavegotchi can be customized with various wearables, such as hats, glasses, and other accessories, which can be bought, sold, and traded as NFTs. The wearables possess distinctive attributes and traits that impact the Aavegotchi's appearance, rarity, and gameplay abilities.

  • How do I get an Aavegotchi?

    Currently, the best place to adopt your very own Aavegotchi is from the official marketplace, the Aavegotchi Baazaar. Aavegotchis can also be purchased from secondary marketplaces like Magic Eden, OnePlanet and Rarible. You can also summon an Aavegotchi by opening a Portal. Portals contain ten different Aavegotchis, of which you can choose one to summon by staking “Spirit Force”. Once you've claimed your new Aavegotchi from the Portal, it's time to play!

  • Can I make money playing Aavegotchi?

    Playing Aavegotchi can provide opportunities to earn tokens, which can then be exchanged for money (fiat currency), through various mechanisms within the ecosystem. Here are a few ways to potentially make money playing Aavegotchi: • Rarity Farming Aavegotchi introduces the concept of Rarity Farming, where users can earn rewards based on the rarity and engagement levels of their Aavegotchis. Aavegotchis with high Rarity Scores, XP and/or Kinship levels get awarded GHST tokens that are sent directly to their pocket, which can be claimed and sold on DEXes, or used to purchase more Aavegotchi assets. They also receive untransferable badges for bragging rights. • Staking and Yield Farming Aavegotchi's have a "Spirit Force" which is a collateral staked inside them that is an interest-bearing token from the Aave protocol. Just by holding an Aavegotchi it accrues value over time from these assets staked inside. Additionally, players can participate in yield farming by providing liquidity to certain pools and earning additional GLTR tokens as rewards, which are ERC20s and represent "tokenized time" in-game to speed up installations. • Gaming and Mini-Games Aavegotchi is an open-sourced protocol and anyone can build their own games, tools, and services. Builders can make DAO proposals requesting funding from the treasury to help develop such dApps. Aavegotchi features arcade-style mini-games within the platform made by community members. Players can earn rewards by participating in these games and achieving high scores or completing challenges. These rewards can include GHST tokens, XP for your Aavegotchis, or other valuable in-game assets. • In-game Farming and Renting Gotchiverse REALM Parcels are full of Alchemica and require Aavegotchis to farm them out. You will need to build installations such as an Altar, Harvesters, Reservoirs, and more; to farm & channel the alchemica in a parcel. The higher the level of an Aavegotchis kinship and the levels of the installations on the parcel determines the amount of UBI. Aavegotchi features its fully on-chain lending system, which allows players to essentially "stake" their aavegotchi in a lending contract and have someone rent it out so they can play, while at the same time automatically splitting the earnings between the two wallets and can also include a third party address. • FAKEgotchis & Artwork Aavegotchi developed a platform to empower artists and publishers called FAKEgotchi; A Frenly Art Karmic Experiment. This allows some to burn a FAKEgotchi burn card and add their own piece of artwork to the collection with up to 100 pieces of their art. The Royalties are dual-streaming and can be automated on-chain to be split amongst the Artist and the Publisher, or whoever else may be involved in the creation. These artworks can be found and sold on the official Baazaar, or auctioned in the Aavegotchi GBMauction House. • Trading and Marketplace Aavegotchi enables the trading of Aavegotchis, wearables, consumables, REALM parcels and installations, and other in-game items on its marketplace. Players can buy low and sell high, taking advantage of market fluctuations to make a profit. Rare and sought-after items like Myths and Godlikes can be particularly valuable and can fetch high prices. • NFT Collecting Aavegotchi offers a wide range of collectible NFTs, including Aavegotchis themselves, wearables, FAKEgotchi artwork, Gotchiverse parcels, installations & decorations and more. As the Aavegotchi ecosystem grows in popularity and adoption, the value of these NFTs may appreciate over time, allowing collectors to sell them for a profit. It's important to note that the value and potential for earnings in playing Aavegotchi can vary based on factors like market conditions, rarity, demand, VRF rolls, and individual gameplay strategies. It's advisable to research and understand the risks associated with any investment or money-making opportunity in the Aavegotchi ecosystem.

  • Can I build a game on Aavegotchi?

    Yes! Aavegotchi is an open-source gaming protocol that provides developers the tools they need to build their own games, tools, and services within this decentralized ecosystem. Builders looking for funding can submit proposals to AavegotchiDAO—the autonomous governing body of Aavegotchi—to request funding from the treasury. With these funds at their disposal, developers can bring their imaginative ideas into reality by creating engaging dApps that add value and enhance user experiences on the platform. Within Aavegotchi's vibrant community lies a diverse array of arcade-style mini-games crafted by talented members themselves. These engaging creations act as virtual playgrounds where users can have fun. Gotchi Miners and Gotchi Heroes stand out as prime examples among many other exciting endeavors dreamed up by our passionate community.

  • Who owns Aavegotchi?

    Pixelcraft Studios are the creators of Aavegotchi, however the community decides on the fate of the ecosystem. Aavegotchi is governed by a group of amazing individuals called a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). Aavegotchi is following a process of “gradual decentralization”, beginning with the founding team, Pixelcraft Studios organizing a DAO-governed token distribution event (DAICO) and culminating in placing governance of Aavegotchi, including all game mechanics, smart contracts, and funding, under the auspices of the AavegotchiDAO.

  • What blockchain is Aavegotchi deployed on?

    Aavegotchis were the first pixelart NFT on Polygon blockchain. Polygon is a “layer two” scaling solution that runs alongside the Ethereum blockchain — allowing for speedy transactions and low fees. We also recently announced our intention to migrate to a “Supernet” – a dappchain powered by Polygon – called Gotchichain. More info on this coming soon!

  • What does the word “Aavegotchi” mean?

    "Aave" comes from the Finnish word for “ghost” and "gotchi" comes from the popular handheld digital pet launched in 1996 called Tamagotchi.